"Ақмола облысы білім басқармасының Зеренді ауданы бойынша білім бөлімі Айдарлы ауылының негізгі орта мектебі" коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесі
Kоммунальное государственное учреждение  "Основная средняя школа села Айдарлы отдела образования по Зерендинскому району управления образования Акмолинской области"


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TEST (Type 1 conditional sentences)


                                Choose the correct form to complete the sentences:

1. If we … go by bus, it will be cheaper.

A) goes           B) will go            C) go          D) went             E) going


2. If you …, you’ll miss the train

A) don’t hurry   B) won’t hurry    C) didn’t hurry    D) isn’t hurried     E) doesn’t hurry


3. I will go to the concert if I … a ticket.

A) getting      B) gets     C) got     D) will get      E) get


4. If I … Ann tomorrow, I will ask her to phone you.

A) saw      B) see        C) sees         D) will see         E) is seen


5. If I … well tomorrow, I will stay at home.

A) won’t feel     B) doesn’t feel      C) don’t feel     D) didn’t feel     E) haven’t felt


6. If she … out, she will close the window.

A) goes     B) go        C) will go      D) is gone       E) have gone


7. The students … football at the stadium if it doesn’t rain.

A) plays        B) played            C) will play          D) play         E) is playing

8. If Mike… , he will be late for classes.

A) don’t hurry     B) doesn’t hurry        C) won’t hurry     D) didn’t hurry     E) aren’t hurrying


9. If you pass the exam, you … a certificate

A) gets       B) get      C) is getting     D) will get     E) has got


10. If you are hungry, we … lunch.

A) will have       B ) has       C) have           D) has had            E) is having


11. If I get a flight, I … home on Sunday

A) flies               B) fly             C) is flying           D) has flown      E) will fly


12. If you come home late tonight, please … quietly.

A) comes in       B) coming             C) come            D) came      E) has come


13. If you have any problem, I … to help you.

A) will try             B) tries           C) try              D) has tried         E) are trying


14. You … a cold, if you go out in such a windy day.

A) catch         B) catches           C) caught         D) have caught         E) will catch


15. If the weather is nice tomorrow, we … to the beach.

A) goes           B) is going              C) have gone           D) will go       E) went


16. It … difficult to find a hotel if we arrive late.

A) is             B) are             C) were         D) will be              E) am


17. The alarm … if there is a fire.

A) are ringing             B) rang           C) will ring              D) ring           E) was ringing

18. I’ll be surprised if they … married.

A) get          B) got            C) gets            D) will get            E) got

19. Will you go to the party if they … you?

A) is inviting             B) invited           C) invites            D) will invite           E) invite

20. The students … football at the stadium if it doesn’t rain.

A) plays            B) played              C) will play                D) play               E) is playing

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